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Now dealing in silencers.

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We’ll send it direct to your SOT/FFL dealer!

How to Purchase a Firearm or Suppressor

  • It is your responsibility to know whether the item you are purchasing is legal in your city, county, and state. This may include the type of firearm, NFA item, magazine capacity, or any other aspect governed by your municipality.
  • Ensure your driver license and/or your concealed handgun or weapons permit are up-to-date (i.e. name and address) and not expired.
  • Locate and contact a Federal Firearms License (FFL) or SOT (for NFA items) dealer in your area and agree to their terms and pricing for accepting or shipping your firearm and conducting a firearms transfer and background check.
  • Both FFL dealers will need each other’s FFL certificate – we can coordinate that for you!
  • Purchase your firearm and patiently wait.
  • NFA items:  We will ship your NFA item directly to your SOT dealer.  They can assist you complete the ATF Form 4 transfer paperwork.